Gioielleria Nardi Venezia

Beauty, originality, modernity and tradition

Nardi is a traditional family business which has been making exclusive jewellery since around the late 20s and is recognized as being one of the most elegant jeweller's. Nardi continues to be as famous as ever for its originality and the truly Venetian style which distinguishes it from other brands.

What makes Nardi jewels so very special is the way they embody the spirit of Venice. In fact, the Nardi collections perfectly reflect the charm and elegance which the city is so famous for. The company's love for precious gems and passion for the art of goldsmith work can also be seen in each piece. These jewels can be either worn or collected and are often hand crafted or custom-made for individual clients.

Nardi, already a must for jewellery lovers in Venice, is now established as one of the most well-known jewellery brands in the world with celebrity clients from the world of politics, culture, sport and show business.

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