The jeweller of Venice

Gioielleria Nardi

Nardi authentic expression of
the most refined Venetian
aesthetics since 1925

In a world of standardised luxury, nardi is an anomaly. A unique, reserved and refined family-run shop occupying five arches in a corner of st mark’s square in venice. The process of creating nardi jewels of notable excellence and authenticity is carried out here a few steps from the golden basilica. A nardi jewel is an indelible expression of a unique and proudly venetian aesthetic.

A history distinguished by
stylistic and entrepreneurial

Remaining independent, unconstrained by fashions and their dynamics, has made nardi a business that bucks the trend, a jeweller’s with its roots deep in the history of the most fascinating and richly inspiring city in the world, which has been able to reinvent its codes in the most current and contemporary creations.
Gioielleria Nardi
Gioielleria Nardi

Venice, symbolic place
of a miraculous fusion
of styles and cultures

Nardi is the jeweller that creatively reinterprets venice and venetian exoticism through the never routine selection of metals and precious stones that elevate the jewel beyond the status of mere ornamental souvenir to become testimony of a fabulous, refined and cosmopolitan city. Nardi jewels are of lasting beauty to be enjoyed today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

From conception to production,
every jewel expresses creativity
and skilled craftsmanship

What does it mean to us to be jewellers? Travelling the routes of the ancient merchants in search of the most precious stones, identifying them, selecting them and enhancing their light, colour and purity followed by meticulous handcrafting, highly accurate in every detail. The aim is to combine tradition and innovation, bringing together classical and contemporary style.
Gioielleria Nardi

Wearing a nardi

The dolce vita years make venice a favoured meeting place for the international jet set and nardi creations fascinate people from the world of culture, sport and entertainment. From elizabeth taylor to grace kelly, from ernest hemingway to arthur rubinstein, from queen paola of liege to the spanish and greek royals, from marilyn monroe to barbara hutton, from joe di maggio to elton john. Now as then the ability to establish a privileged rapport with the client in a genuine “salon” in st mark’s square, personalised guidance in the choice or creation of a jewel, make nardi jeweller’s an obligatory stop for those who love to stand out.
Nardi Gioielleria Venezia